Scandal S7 Ep15: The Noise

With three more episodes of Scandal left, I’d hoped to see more of the classic Scandal elements that made me love the show in the first place. This episode, “the Noise”, fufilled my hopes and dreams, as the classic Scandal twists and turns were plentiful. During this episode, many of our questions about Cyrus’ plan were answered, as well as the question of how (and if) Olivia would get back into QPA’s good graces.

To preface this recap, my favorite quote from this episode, courtesy of Quinn:

“We don’t have time to recap!”

Good thing we do. Because we certainly do need a recap for the 10,000 pieces of information thrown at us during this episode.

Here’s a not so brief summary: When Quinn shows up to Olivia’s door after Charlie has been taken for hijacking Air Force Two, “a partnership borne out of a common enemy” is created, in the words of Quinn herself. Olivia accepts this with borderline eagerness to help QPA all she can, and we head to what is apparently the new Scandal Headquarters—Fitz’s foundation. I have to say, it is a clever way to keep Fitz around. And let’s face it, he is a fairly useless character nowadays, plot wise. They’ve got to keep him around for when he rides off in the sunset with Oliva at the end of the show.

Anyway. Cyrus goes to Quinn and tries to get her to tell Charlie to take a deal they are offering—this deal ends up being total immunity in exchange for Charlie telling everyone Mellie hired him to hijack Cyrus’ plane… !!!!! So that’s how Cyrus is going to get Mellie out before the end of her term.

Later, QPA sends in Fitz and Marcus to talk to Mellie, unsuccessfully, to try to convince her Cyrus is gunning for her job. Mellie wonders to Jake if this could be true, and he heads off to ask Cyrus himself. Cyrus, who has clearly thought of everything, does not beat around the bush and immediately fesses up to his crimes. “Let me assure you, the rumors are true. I did hijack my own plane.” Cyrus then tries to recruit Jake to be part of his team, and by getting into Jake’s head by saying he is nothing but a consolation prize to everyone, he might just win. But, I’m just wondering. Is Cyrus forgetting that Jake straight up killed his husband?

But since Jake is the waste of space character that he’s been acting as for the last season, he does end up switching sides and tells Mellie to her face that she can crawl back to Olivia because he is out.

Okay, a lot of things are happening. But remember the special prosecutor (Creepy Mustache Man) that has been helping Cyrus this whole time? Well, it turns out Cyrus does not even have anything on Creepy Mustache Man! David uncovers that it really just stems from Creepy’s wanting gun control, as his young son was gunned down. Creepy is only helping Cyrus because although Mellie is a very progressive Republican, she does love her guns. It’s interesting that this detail is added in, especially in light of the recent protests against gun violence. It also provides an interesting take of one of the so called “bad guys” not wanting guns… because can you really blame him? Side note, this guy also played Gary Clark on Grey’s Anatomy. You know, the guy who… shot up the hospital… with a… gun. Such character development.

But how is Olivia doing, you ask? Much better. She goes to her former office, which has been torn apart, and finds her white hat on the ground that she gave Quinn. Quinn meets her, and Olivia finally apologizes for everything she’s done in service of “the republic”. The major qualm of this episode—whether or not Quinn should help Cyrus and tell Charlie to take the deal, therefore taking down Mellie—comes to a head here. In a beautiful speech Olivia tells Quinn that she will respect whatever decision Quinn makes, and she has full control. Quinn then calls Cyrus, and tells him that Charlie will not be signing the deal. But surprise! Cyrus doesn’t need Quinn anymore at all. He sends Robot Jake down to talk to a very damaged Charlie, who heartbreakingly initially believes Jake is there to save him. Jake threatens the thing Charlie cares about most, Quinn, and utters a few unsettling lines about Charlie no longer having control of his life because he broke the most important B613 rule—have no family or attachments. And apparently, when you lose control, someone else takes it. The end of this episode sees Mellie reach out to Olivia in the ~secret tunnels~ (since Jake is, you know, watching everyone always) and wants her to do one thing: kill Cyrus Beene.

Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 4.30.02 PM

Olivia and Quinn have their White Hat heart to heart.

Here’s what you really need to know:

This episode packed a lot of information and character developments into one hour. Olivia made amends with Quinn (at least to an extent), but she also found common ground with Huck again. For most of this Huck has kind of been pushed to the shadows, but he had a lot of good moments in this episode. His talk with Fitz about whether or not “the old Olivia” was back was touching, and her apology to him later in the episode was a long time coming.  Huck misses his Olivia, and the fact that he lost her might be the worst part of the Olivia goes evil gimmick. This episode was the first directed by Darby Stanchfield, who plays Abby, and it featured many great small touches that made me remember why I loved Scandal in the first place. Huck taping up the glass walls of Fitz’s headquarters because “you can’t be too careful when everyone has a phone in their pocket,” was a great Huck-esque moment we’ve been missing.

But the plot development’s in this episode were just as important. Now that we know what Cyrus is attempting to do, I can only really see this going down a few ways. Either Cyrus really does get killed, or he’s just put in jail. Maybe he goes on the lam? But I can’t see redemption coming for him this time. He’s done too much, and gone too far.

Jake, on the other hand, could go either way. He’s always been my favorite, and even though his character has gone to shit in the last season, I still hold out hope for him to double cross Cyrus and help Liv. This episode also saw an important development for Olivia. She truly ceded control to Quinn for essentially the first time ever. Even though almost everyone believed she just didn’t want Charlie to take the deal so she could make her way back in the White House, she still acted passively throughout the whole episode, which is a new experience for Scandal watchers. We know Olivia to be the one who brings the thunder, and resolves everything. This time we saw her in a different light; a less power-hungry light. A flattering light. Of course, now that we know she has it in her, we are going to need her to take control again for the next three episodes. Lord knows they are going to need it.

Forecast: I’m seeing sunny skies in DC. That is, unless Cyrus Beene becomes president. Fingers crossed.

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