HTGAWM Season 4 Finale: Nobody Else Is Dying

Yesterday’s How to Get Away with Murder finale was not the one I was expecting, although in hindsight I should’ve expected as much. More on that later. For now, here’s a quick summary:

This episode opens trying to get us to believe Bonnie has been killed in the car crash that happened at the end of last week’s episode. However, within a couple scenes Bonnie walks into the frame, and we see that the body on the coroner’s table (a la Wes), is actually Denver—more on why this was not impactful at all later. For some reason everyone is freaking out, although it’s clear none of them are responsible for his death. Asher is still extremely mad at Michaela, and claims she us evil. She says she’s not, she’s just done an evil thing—something that may be important later.

Honestly much of this episode is unimportant.

But anyway. Laurel is found, but where is her mother? We don’t know, and we will never get a definite answer from anyone this episode. But, hint: Laurel definitely killed her. Everyone speculates about whether or not Laurel would kill her mother, as if everyone hasn’t done something like that on the show. Remember Asher and Sinclair?

Essentially Annaliese is juggling a couple things in this episode: Keeping Laurel out of jail when she talks to the FBI since she was the last person to see Denver, handle Simon, and get Laurel’s baby back while handling her dad in the process.

Laurel does not end up going to jail, but she does lie to the FBI. Nate manages to get Dominick’s phone Laurel gave Denver, as well as the files Denver had on everyone AND the hard drive that everyone has been looking for for weeks. He claims he “burned the files” … sounds real, right? Anyway, Annaliese has some sort of plan to handle Simon, but never gets to it because Michaela viciously calls immigration on him, even though Annaliese warned her not to go down that path that Annaliese herself as done in earlier seasons.

Lastly, Annaliese uses the hard drive from Denver as a bargaining chip to get Jorge to recant his testimony against Laurel which therefore gets her baby back. Jorge gives long scary speeches about how he’s done everything for his family and then we are done with him. Right? Wrong. Somehow Annaliese has managed to actually get Tegan (from Caplan and Gold, remember? Gosh, all these characters are just plot devices) to testify real quick against him and Jorge gets got by the FBI! He’s arrested for a number of things, including the murder of Denver… as if anyone cares about him.

AND… Annaliese wins her Supreme Court case with Olivia! She gives an inspiring ass interview and smiles adorably, in a way I haven’t ever seen her. This may be the highlight of the entire episode. Maybe even the season.

The end of this episode sees Boring Old Plot Device Nate (hey, he even says himself he’s boring!) flipping through the supposedly burned files and stopping in Bonnies—apparently someone ran a DNA test on her and someone else, and they were a 100 percent match. Someone then wrote, helpfully, on the paper, “Child still alive?”. Laurel gets in the shower, and we see some terrible scratches on her arm. Coupled with the nightmares about her mother, it is pretty clear she killed her.

Throughout this whole montage Annaliese is rocking Baby Christopher and singing in a creepy way that honestly made me think someone was about to get killed. We flash to Frank signing up for law school (Is that possible with his record?) and he hears an attractive brown student tell his name to someone—his name is Gabriel Maddox (played by Rome Flynn).  This catches Frank off guard and he immediately calls someone: “Her son is here”. Who is he calling? We don’t know! Why are we still watching? We don’t know that either. And then this painfully boring episode is over!

What you need to know:

Close to nothing honestly. I was not a fan of this one. Killing off Denver meant nothing to me, mostly because he was introduced as just a Bad Guy, with no layers. No one was invested in him at all. Honestly, so many people on this show are expendable now. Heck, Poor Old Isaac is off with failing kidneys and no one’s even batting an eye! All these characters—Tegan, Isaac, Denver, even Nate—are just used to carry the plot nowadays, and I am not here for it. And really, since it appears as if this brown child is Bonnie’s, who really cares about that anyway? We have no investment in that. We don’t know who the father is, and even though Bonnie said way back when that her baby she had died, who even remembered that? I had to look it up. And who cares if she lied, or just didn’t know? Typically HTGAWM kills off a character at the end, instead of introducing a new, cute one. Oh well. One interesting thing is what happened with Michaela. Earlier in the episode she claimed she was “not evil”, but she’d just done an evil thing. Except later she does do an evil thing. What she did to Simon went past any line I have seen any of them cross in a while. Back when Sam was killed, Michaela was so against anything remotely like this, but she had no problem ruining Simon’s life. This was a shock, but it did show character development. She has become ruthless, or in her own words, “I’ve become me”. Another similar idea is what Laurel has most likely done to her mother. At this point I would say it’s 98% likely that she killed her, although I am not sure what she could have done with her body. But, honestly, it’s believable. Laurel has been unstable since Wes died, and knowing her mother is the reason she is alone with the baby could’ve undone her for real. Side note, even though this season was wack, Karla Souza has done a great job carrying it.

Perhaps I’m being harsh. There were good points in this episode, dialogue wise. But the plot itself has made little to know sense for a very long time. HTGAWM has not even been renewed for a fifth season yet, and in a way this episode felt like a series finale. Most things were wrapped up besides Bonnie’s kid and Laurel’s murder. After this whole Wes business it felt like the show went off the rails. Introducing Laurel’s parents was the writer’s downfall. We get Jorge is evil, but they kept hitting us over the head with it. Nothing about this episode really felt satisfying or suspenseful, and that’s what I’ve come to expect from a HTGAWM finale. The commercials described it as a “twisty finale” … sure, maybe there were some twists, but they were rigid and predictable, as well as unimpactful.


Because I am an optimist when it comes to my shows, of course I will keep watching. But this season, which opened with Laurel knowing her dad killed Wes and it ending on the same central idea, did not deliver. I’d come to expect more from the show that gave us the twisty and thrilling case of the Hapstalls and Sinclair’s death, and the opening mystery of who really killed Lila and Sam. Hopefully things get better, but until fall I see clouds in Philly.

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