Scandal/How to Get Away with Murder Crossover


Note: this Rush BrushUp will be inherently longer than any other to come because…

1. It’s attempting to cover two action packed episodes….

And 2. It’s Olivia and Annalise TOGETHER for god’s sakes.

Last night’s Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder crossover event was an amazing world’s colliding/fan girling moment for fans of both shows everywhere—however, I was unsure if it would live up to the hype.

But, of course, it did.

For years, Shonda Rhimes herself believed there would be no chance of a crossover between the shows, as they did not want to force an awkward meeting between the two powerhouse leads. But, as she said herself, they finally found a storyline in which it felt natural.

Since I did not make a separate BrushUp for before the episode, here it is:

Last episode of HTGAWM, Annalise seemed to be at a standstill with her Class Action suit, as the Pennsylvania courts refused to let her go to trial with The Great Nate’s father.

At the end of the episode, Michaela realizes Olivia Pope, the great fixer and mountain mover from DC, is currently teaching (sporadically I guess?) at local colleges. Michaela comes to Annalise with the idea that perhaps, Olivia Pope, fresh from her stint in the Room Where It Happens, can help. Cue the amazing, if not incredibly cheesy, “How to Survive a Scandal” being written on a chalkboard by none other than Olivia, calling back to the very first HTGAWM, with Annalise writing the show’s title.

So. Back to the crossover!

Boiled down to the essentials, this is what you need to know:

Annalise asks for Olivia’s help with the Class Action suit, and with one Google search Annalise’s entire Murder-y past is revealed to Olivia. Note: we are apparently supposed to forget that Olivia has actually murdered someone with a freaking chair (anyone remember Andrew Nichols?), while Annalise has only been party to murderous behavior. But, with a few powerful speeches from Annalise that prey on Olivia’s pride of being the best, the two are in business. After Mellie makes it clear that helping Olivia is not on her docket, Olivia and Annalise maneuver past the White House and go to the press in order to put pressure on the Supreme Court to hear their case. Although they are almost stopped in their tracks due to QPA giving information to Jake, and therefore the White House, about one of the judges in order to blackmail him, Olivia eventually appeals to Quinn’s humanity and she realizes that although everyone still hates Olivia, her case still deserves to win.

In the end, Annalise manages to get through the trial by throwing one of the old, white man’s words in his face- that race is always a factor in cases like these. We are left unsure as to what the court’s decision was, but, as Olivia says, it looks as if the court has turned in their favor.


Best Guest Star: Cicely Tyson, for being 93 years old and an amazing actress. I did not know that we would need Annalise’s mother in this episode, but we certainly did.

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 3.12.57 PM

Also did not know I needed this picture to exist, but I definitely did!

Favorite Moments (too many to count, but here are a few):

  • Olivia and Annalise at the salon (Finally seeing Olivia getting her hair done!!!) and Annalise calling Olivia out for being spoiled and boujee. The arguments between these two gave me enough life to make it to the end of this year. The nuances of each character shone through brilliantly, and displayed each one of their insecurities beautifully.
  • So much black excellence in EVERY. SINGLE. SCENE. That’s all.
  • Olivia and Annalise walking down the Capitol steps—Annalise in her bright yellow coat, and Olivia in her neutrals.
  • Michaela’s adorable squeals upon meeting Olivia, Fitz, and Mellie. My favorite? When she addressed Fitz simply as, “44”.
  • Marcus’ only good moment… “I come here because we’re black. That means I’ll always be here for you”

Weird Moments

Michaela and Marcus’…. Encounter. This would have played better if there had been any type of hint as to Michaela’s unhappiness with Asher, or at the very least, any indication at all as to why she would cheat on him. Besides the fact that Marcus is – apparently – what she has always wanted. This seemed forced, and a way to get these two characters more involved in the episode. Now that I think about it, without this weird love triangle, Marcus would have been on the sidelines the entire episode.

This is not necessarily weird, but Isaac Roa, who has felt forced into this show since the start, has overdosed after his confrontation with Annalise last episode. In fact, his kidneys are failing, so not quite sure how he’s going to get out of this one. Jacqueline repeatedly calls Annalise until she answers, only to blame her for Isaac’s overdose, and claims that she messes up “everyone around her”. This not only is confusing, (how is it Annalise’s fault that her ex-husband is an addict and a liar?) but it sends Annalise into a tailspin and almost causes her to lose her shit before the trial.

My problem with this is—who really cares about Isaac, and what does he mean for this show? Since his entrance, he has merely acted as a prop and facilitator for the plot. The revelation that his daughter swallowed his own pills and he sent her goodbye text was a doozy, but is downplayed by the fact that apparently her mother knew all along? Also, apparently, we have no idea if Isaac was ever really sober, so what is even his point as a therapist? I have alot of questions.

But most importantly: Did it work?

For the past season, HTGAWM has been hitting us over the head repeatedly with the idea (or more appropriately, fact) that our justice system is broken. This is a great way to give the show an important platform for the first time, instead of focusing on murder plotlines, but I was unsure exactly where the season was really headed. But, this episode really pulled it together and ended the storyline perfectly. With all the nonsense of Wes’ murder still not being solved, this episode was truly needed. It made me remember how amazing and strong Annalise AND Olivia are as characters.


As for Olivia, I think this episode is what her character really needed. As it has been a few months since she resigned, she was likely missing the idea of doing something for a greater purpose. And with the news that she was really fired leaked, she seems to be ready to overcome her obstacles facing her in Washington. Cicely Tyson’s pep talk with her was also well needed, and thoroughly enjoyed.

Side note: this is overall an unhelpful idea, but does anyone think it’s funny that Annalise is advocating that the justice system is broken when she has slipped out of jail numerous times by dubious means?


HTGAWM: Apparently, next week we are going to find out who really killed Wes. I would just like to know which member of Laurel’s family did it, and be done with it. That whole storyline has been driving me crazy, and I honestly believe the writers may have made a mistake in killing off the Puppy in such a careless manner, so this needs to pay off. This was also the first episode Laurel’s baby has not been mentioned—are we over that now, or what? Because I feel like she still needs to get her baby back. My prediction is that her father is ~somehow~ the good guy, while her mother or someone else is behind Wes’ murder. But as of now, I am skeptical of whether or not HTGAWM can come back from this weird Wes’ murder back-and-forth. For now, I’m thinking clouds in Philly.


Scandal: With the final episode on April 19, there is a lot of work to be done to fix Olivia’s relationships. Most importantly, with Quinn, Huck, and Abby. For now, I am unsure as to what Jake’s role even is now. He used to be my favorite character, an adorable yet murderous love interest for Olivia. Now, he seems to just be a henchman for whatever character is using him that episode. So, my guess is that Olivia and Fitz end the season together, with Olivia being the badass fixer she is. But, until then, the forecast is looking bright and sunny in DC.

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