The Start of Rush Brush-Up

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Days are long, but somehow at the same time they feel short. You go to work, school, take care of kids, etc. All of a sudden, it’s night and there’s homework, dinner, more work or family. Sometimes all of the above. And sometimes, you may not even make it home until late at night.

If you’re anything like me, television is important to you. Not in a sad or dependent way, but in a way like you love the suspense, drama, and mystery. Or you love seeing your favorite actors and actresses on television and love being party to the jokes you laugh at with friends and family days later. In my opinion, television acts as a distraction from real life. Life is complicated, and delving into television gives us a break, and something else to be invested in. Sometimes it even gives us hope, because if Meredith Grey can get through the death of all her family members, I can survive this week, right? It can even bring people closer together.

But, as I have already mentioned, I know how life goes. It’s busy. This website is for those people that find it hard to keep with everything happening. Television shouldn’t be hard to keep up with; life already is. And TV is supposed to be an escape from that.

So, with that in mind, I have decided to create a website that will help “brush us up”, if you will, on what is happening in our shows. Not everyone has a DVR to catch up, or a way to remember what happened before the hiatus, or even a quick way to remember what happened in last week’s thriller!

Before a new episode of a number of shows premiers, I will provide a recap of the show in question in order for people to remember what happened last week, what it means for the show, and what we are looking for in this week’s episode. Even better, it will be a quick recap, a rundown of only the essentials. A Rush Brush Up.

And then, after that week’s new episode, I will post a review of the same, with a slight twist– what occurred, what it means for the show, and how the rest of the season is looking. A sort of forecast for the show. In addition to these Brush Ups, I hope to post analyses of specific aspects of the television shows themselves.

This can be beneficial for people who have not managed to catch up but still are curious about what happened and don’t mind a spoiler or two, and for people who just want a quick, detailed refresher and a recap – a Rush BrushUp.

“And I believe that good journalism, good television, can make our world a better place.”

Christiane Amanpour

And with that, our Rush Brush Up journey will start this week.

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